Web hosting and domain hosting are two distinct services, although being closely related.
On internet servers, web hosts store content like a website. The domain names that visitors use to access website content are provided by domain hosts. The distinction between the two forms of hosting is described in this guide.

Webhosting: A web host offers the place where you can show the text, pictures, and videos on your website. A web server may not always offer the URL that users enter to access your website, such as www.yourdomain.com. Ewebhostingstore.com serves as your web host where you can create a website using their platform. This means that we offer a location online to display your material in addition to tools for generating and maintaining it. Like physical retailers renting space in a mall.

Domain Hosting: Visitors can discover you by typing in a domain name like www.yourdomain.com, which is provided by a domain host. While a domain name serves as a map to your website’s location, it does not represent the information that users will find there. Hosting companies for domains keep track of them and help with registration. You’ll manage your domain through them if you use one that was registered with a third-party service provider.

How Webhosting and Domain works together?

Hosting and domain management go hand in hand. Imagine that your website’s address is made up of your IP address and domain name, with web hosting serving as the physical residence.
Your website cannot live online without web hosting. As a result, once you purchase a domain name, you must point it at your web hosting company. We strongly advise getting a domain name and web hosting from the same supplier to save time and effort. In this manner, you may begin building your website right away without having to bother about manually linking them.

Let’s quickly review the processes for using Ewebhostingstore.com to create a website.

a) Select a domain name, then use the domain checker to see if it is available. Select the option that best satisfies your requirements, complete the order, and register the domain.
b) Open an account on Ewebhostingstore.com and choose a hosting package that is appropriate for the website.
c) Select a platform to begin developing your website: a CMS, an eCommerce script, or a website builder (content management system). You can utilise the SitePro website builder or well-known CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal with Hostinger.
d) Add content, upload files, and customise your website. Finally, publish it once you’re ready.

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