This article will assist you with migrating your website from another hosting company that uses cPanel to Hosting offers Shared Hosting Plans, featuring cPanel. If your previous hosting company uses cPanel, then migrating your website(s) can be done easily, using a cPanel backup.
Generate cPanel Backup
To generate a cPanel backup, follow the steps in our tutorial: Backup Your cPanel.
Download cPanel Backup

Upload cPanel Backup

Now, using FTP, upload the cPanel backup file (you just created and downloaded) to your InMotion Hosting server.

After you have generated your cPanel backup from your old host’s server, download the backup file to your desktop using FTP.

Then, proceed to the next section to upload the cPanel backup you just downloaded from your computer to your ewebhostingstore Hosting Account.

Request cPanel Account Restore

Once you have uploaded your cPanel Backup, submit a Website Transfer Request from your Account Management Panel (AMP).

Simply, fill out the Website Transfer Request form and include these details in the Additional information to help us locate your data section.

  • Authorization to overwrite the existing cPanel account, with the restored cPanel account. (See warning below)
  • Location of your cPanel backup file
  • Name of your cPanel backup file
  • Comprehensive list of websites expected to be restored from backup file.
  • Comprehensive list of databases expected to be restored from backup file.

Please keep the following in mind when requesting a cPanel Account Restore:

  1. Customers can request assistance with restoring as-is free cPanel backups from a previous hosting provider.
  2. Website Transfer Service doesn’t guarantee removal of hack content
  3. Website Transfer process doesn’t include the transfer of Domain Registrations or emails accounts. 
  4. Emails associated with a cPanel account backup are restored as-is

WARNING: Restoring a cPanel account from a cPanel backup file will overwrite the existing user’s cPanel data (including website files, emails, databases, etc.). Any data that has been saved in the existing cPanel user’s account (on your ewebhostingstore Hosting server) will be deleted and replaced with the data contained in the cPanel backup file. However, the existing cPanel account’s username (assigned by ewebhostingstore Hosting) will remain the same.

Test Your site

Once our Website Transfer Team notifies you that the restoration has been completed, you may test your website(s) to make sure everything is working properly. If you have not yet pointed your domain to our name servers, you can test your site through either your Temporary URL or by making a hosts file modification.

Update Name Servers

The final step in the process of migrating your website(s) from another host using cPanel to InMotion Hosting, is to update the name servers for your domain(s) to point to ewebhostingstore hosting.

Once you have updated the name servers with the registrar of your domain, it can take anywhere from 4-24 hours for these changes to propagate.

Congratulations! You now know how to migrate your website(s) using the cPanel Backup/Restore process to move your website from another host (that uses cPanel) to InMotion Hosting.

Learn more about server management from Managed VPS Hosting Product Guide.

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