Webuzo is a multi-user control panel that aids in the management of your dedicated or cloud server. It’s a platform for hosting that may assist you in expanding your web applications while also assisting users in managing their domains, emails, websites, databases, etc. To enable a secure connection, Webuzo automatically instals a self-signed SSL certificate. On dedicated servers, cloud servers, and virtual private servers, Webuzo can be installed. Webuzo instances can be launched on a variety of clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Linode, and Digital Ocean, among others. With our well-maintained API and SDK, you may automate a variety of administrative activities.

Amazing features of webuzo:

Application Manager
: Webuzo includes a built-in Softaculous auto-installer, which among other benefits saves you the trouble of manually installing scripts on your server.

Advance Domain Management
: Webuzo can assist you if you want to deploy different Apps and need a secure environment where you have complete control over the server.

Manage Cloud Instances: You can deploy Apps across multiple domains you own, by the click of a button. Webuzo packages for development purposes come in a ‘ready-to-cook’ form. 

Safe and Secure: To prevent anyone else from accessing the Enduser/Admin Panel, a user-defined password can be specified. With a simple user interface, you may even change the FTP user password.

All in one: Modern web application development and testing are substantially facilitated by the self-contained environments provided by the Webuzo stack.

Server Manager: Sometimes it might be really tedious to manage your domains.
Webuzo’s versatility enables it to serve as a server management tool, making life easier for webmasters.

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