DirectAdmin, another Linux-specific web hosting control panel, offers the widest selection of Linux distributions, including the well-known RedHat and Ubuntu as well as CentOS, FreeDSB, and CloudLinux. Even Debian and Fedora Core can be controlled via a DirectAdmin control panel. DirectAdmin gives its users the power to customize all of the crucial web hosting components, including DNS and mail, and is just as capable as you’d hope a solid control panel to be. Using DirectAdmin, you may backup your server and gain complete access to system logs and control over system operations. Additionally, a file manager and multi-server setup support are available. Taking this ahead we can also say that a graphical web-based web hosting control panel is know as DirectAdmin which enables web browser-based website administration. A single instance of the software can be configured to support standalone, reseller, and shared web hosting. In order to make server and hosting settings simpler, DirectAdmin also enables management of server chores and upgrades to package software (such as Apache HTTP Server, PHP, and MySQL) from within the control panel.

Five reason why to use Direct Admin?

Speed: The quickest operating control panel currently available is DirectAdmin, thanks to its programming

Support: provide excellent service, offering you with the solutions you require

Price: To accommodate every type of hosting company, we provide numerous license choices

Easy to use: One of the most easy to use control Panel

Stability: DirectAdmin instantly recovers from crashes, preventing downtime

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