You can acquire a fully-hosted Moodle site through the hosting provider MoodleCloud, which is offered by the people who created Moodle (It is known as a MoodleCloud site). MoodleTM hosting is a cloud-based choice for educators, teachers, or trainers.

Without having to install, maintain, or update any software or servers, teachers can use open-source learning environments using Moclusters to achieve their teaching and training objectives. With the help of the Moodle hosting service provided by, you may acquire a fully-hosted Moodle site. Businesses, corporations, and individual organizations all prefer Moodle as a solution! 

Moodle is being used by more and more people to create their online courses. And why not? 

After all, Moodle has established a reputation for excellence in the field of online education. Because Moodle is modular and open-source, people find it handy to offer their courses there in the way they see fit! 

The next step after deciding to create an e-learning website on Moodle is to look for a suitable hosting provider. 

Due of Moodle’s popularity, there are a variety of alternatives. 

There are three methods for obtaining Moodle. 

a) Activate it on our server (MoodleCloud)
b) Free everlasting installation on your server (self-hosted).
c) Obtain assistance from a Moodle Certified Service Provider to put it up (Provider Hosted)

Whenever you select a MoodleCloud site, Moodle controls. 

a) Servers 
b) Moodle upgrades
c) MoodleCloud subdomain: (although you can redirect your website to moodlecloud if you prefer)

You can pick from a variety of plans that scale based on your user or storage requirements (up to 1000 users and 5GB).

MoodleCloud allows you to.

a) Create courses
b) Offer learning and assessment-related activities and resources. 
c) Setup competency frameworks
d) Allow students to finish tests or submit files 
e) Grade assignments
f) Provide certificates
g) Communicate with your learners

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