A dependable, reasonably priced community forum solution is vBulletin. It provides you with an immediate community that enables interaction, conversation, questioning, answer-giving, and the expression of viewpoints among your users.

The online forum software known as vBulletin was developed by Jelsoft Enterprises and is distributed by vBulletin solutions. The program uses a MySQL database server and is developed in PHP.

Initially, vBulletin was intended to be a forum script with elements of the UBB.classic forum program. Since its debut, vBulletin has undergone numerous adjustments.

The most recent versions of vBulletin include two product lines instead of just being a forum solution. Forums, an article-based CMS solution, and other new features have been added to the

vBulletin is considered to be one of the most powerful forum applications available. It’s loaded with all the latest forum features with easy to use control system. Vbulletin provides a platform to perform various activities at the same time with a seamlessly integrated experience, Multi-Roles Control Panels, Search Engine Optimization, Security, Flexibility, and User/Member Management. vBulletin can be installed on any web hosting service like Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, and all the other services.


– user-based poll tracking is available for making it convenient;

– vBulletin is XHTML compliant;

– user logging is maintained;

– message drafts can be posted as and when required;

– tracking of topic participation can be done easily;

– very easy-to-use plugin installer is available for maximum utilization;


– slightly more expensive than other forum applications;

– integration with other applications would require additional paid modules;

– vBulletin does not support database engines other than MySQL;

– no attachments in private messages;

You can also check your plans for vBulletin here.

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