Digital Ocean

Cloud hosting company DigitalOcean provides infrastructure as a service and cloud computing services (IaaS). Teams can deploy on DigitalOcean in seconds, and plans start at just $5 per month. It is well-known for its affordability and scalability. Anyone may rapidly get up and running in the cloud with the aid of this setup. A cloud computing startup called DigitalOcean provides free storage, free bandwidth, and a free tier of service. A small web or application server can be operated on a Droplet that you can construct on DigitalOcean. It is not advised for novices to use DigitalOcean. It does not have many functions that are necessary for novices, while having a straightforward control panel and an intuitive UI. For instance, it does not support WordPress integration or a website builder. In order to reduce infrastructure friction and increase predictability, DigitalOcean offers the most straightforward cloud platform for deploying, managing, and scaling applications of any size. This allows developers and their teams to devote more time to creating better software.

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