A CNAME Record associates a real domain name with an alias name. CNAME records are frequently used to map the www and FTP subdomains. The CNAME records for your addon domain will by default point to the name of a certain Doteasy server. The addon domain can, however, always be changed to point to a different server.

Any modifications to DNS zone records should be made using the Zone Editor in cPanel.

NOTE: You can only update the DNS zone records of your addon domains (i.e., domains you’ve added to your hosting account as addon domains) using the Zone Editor. Use the Edit DNS Zone File tool in your Doteasy Member Zone if you need to alter the DNS zone records for your primary domain name or other domain names that you have not added to your account as addon domains

  1. In cPanel, select Zone Editor under Domains.

2. Find the addon domain in the Domains table for which you wish to add a CNAME record.

3. From the Actions column, select Add CNAME Record.

4. Enter the hostname that the CNAME records relate to in the Name box of the Add a CNAME Record window.

5. Enter the domain name that the record should resolve to in the Address field.

6. Click Add a CNAME Record once you are ready.

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