How to Configure Settings in WordPress?

How to configure WordPress settings:

  • Log in to WordPress.
  • Go to settings and choose General from the sidebar on the left.
  • You may change the blog title, tagline, and website URL in the General settings page’s sections.
  • The timezone, date, and time formats are also editable.
  • Select Save Modifications.
  • Click on Writing now. You may change the options relating to posting on this page.
  • If you have made changes, be sure to click Save Changes before leaving a page.Visit Reading.
  • You may choose how many blog pages to display in this area. Select Save Modifications.
  • Select “Discussion.”
  • You may modify the options for comments and avatars in this area.Select Save Modifications.
  • Choose Media.
  • You may choose the image sizes for posts’ included photos on this page.Select Save Modifications.
  • Choosing Permalinks The kind of URL structure for your website may be specified here under Common Settings, Click on Save Changes.
  • Click on Privacy. On the Privacy settings page, you can change the privacy policy from this dropdown or create a new page by clicking on the Create New Page button.

That’s how you can configure settings in WordPress.

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