Throughout the past, the concept of community was considerably more geographically based. A group of people needed to be able to meet up in person in order to hold discussions, exchange knowledge, and learn from one another. Internet usage has altered all of that. 

We now take the concept of interacting with individuals in online groups for granted. The forum software phpBB is another popular choice for building and managing communities online. 

phpBB is the open Source Forum software which stands for PHP bulletin board, enables users to build a space online where communities can come together and discuss information in a structured way.

The primary categories and subjects the community forum will cover can be specified by forum creators using forums built using phpBB

Today thousands of times a day still phpbb is download and installed. 

SMF and other programmes are undoubtedly still being installed in comparable numbers. phpBB is completely free, easy to maintain with greater complement of features. You can save money for marketing and hosting. It has an open source. You are free to use and modify the phpBB code as you see fit. Additionally, since it’s open source, other users can create features and extensions that you can use. 

What is phpBB Hosting?

A sort of web hosting that works with the phpBB programme is known as phpBB hosting.

The majority of the crucial features you require to create a forum are provided by phpBB, however web hosting is not included.

You must spend money on application web hosting if you want your forum to be online and available to your members.

If you already have a website, you might be able to get started by adding your phpBB forum to the hosting plan you already have, but there’s a risk you’ll run into compatibility problems if you didn’t select an application web hosting plan specifically made to operate with phpBB

A decent phpBB web hosting plan will guarantee simple one-click installation, allowing you to focus on starting your forum rather than stumbling around with challenging technical procedures to get everything up and running.

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