A programme called a website builder, also called a SiteBuilder, enables you to create a website without any coding knowledge. Website builders come in two varieties: online and offline. You can develop a website on your home computer using software known as an offline website builder. SitePad, a well-liked WYSIWYG website builder, is proudly available at Ewebhostingstore.com. Available through your GreenGeeks account, this plugin is excellent for any type of website, including e-commerce sites.
Your cPanel dashboard makes it simple to access SitePad. SitePad features more than 450 themes and more than 40 widgets, which is pretty much all your website will require.

Start using Sitepad to create your website while it is being hosted by Ewebhostingstore.com. Users may create websites with the incredible Drag & Drop capabilities of SitePad Builder in a fraction of the time and using completely responsive pre-designed templates. It allows you to create a website without knowing any code and has numerous Cpanel interfaces.

Dynamic Design Possibilities: Using our specialised pre-designed themes and practical widgets to quickly develop your website. With so many styling possibilities at your disposal, you can easily create excellent websites. You can expand your clientele in elegance with the aid of SitePad.

Integration with cPanel: You may directly access SitePad from your control panel which is offer to you by your Ewebhostingstore’s hosting account, Thanks to the strong integration of SitePad with a number of widely used control panels. SitePad handles adding your domain information, FTP information, and other details for a better experience. cPanel, Plesk, Directadmin, CentOS Web Panel, Interworx, and other custom control panels are now integrated with SitePad.

You Can Find a Widget for Any Requirement: Discover 70+ distinctive design tools that let you produce any kind of design. The SitePad Builder’s at Ewebhostingstore.com widgets each enable sophisticated design customization.

Designing for Resilience: It is simple to develop your website specifically for mobile devices thanks to responsive design. You have total control over how your website appears on mobile and tablet devices thanks to live designing.

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