There are occasions when it is crucial to grant access to a file or directory without a subdomain.
For instance, when you upload a file or folder to your public HTML directory, WordPress cannot reach the file location and displays a 404 error.
In these circumstances, you may cause your WordPress website to disregard the file path of that file by adding a rewrite condition to your .htaccess file.
With this, a file, such as, will be shown directly on the browser rather than being incorporated within the parent WordPress website.

How to Make WordPress Disregard a File Path

  1. Navigate to your WordPress directory after logging into your account using SSH or the cPanel File Editor.
  2. Use the .htaccess file to access your website.
  3. Look at the sample WordPress .htaccess file below:

Replace the file with the file path to your saved files and add the following code above the RewriteCond lines:
RewriteCond $1 !^(/file)
4. Save your changes after that.

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