File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to manage your files with third-party applications like FileZilla, CoreFTP, etc. Using an FTP file manager to upload files is a great practice when the number of files or size of the files is large. FTP accounts configure users who can upload, download or modify your files through FTP. Each FTP user has his own username and home directory, only that certain directory the user will have access to.

To create an FTP account, please follow these steps −

  1. Open the FTP accounts feature by clicking FTP accounts found under Files Section.

Add FTP Accounts
2. Enter a login name for your new user, it will be the user’s username, also provide a strong password for this user.

Step 3 − Enter Directory for your new user, you may also leave it with a pre-filled directory name according to your user.

Step 4 − Provide FTP storage quota, you may provide unlimited quota or use some value in Megabytes.

Step 5 − Click on Create FTP Account and Your FTP account will be created.

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