WordPress is open-source web software developed in PHP that allows for easy modification of features used to create a beautiful website or blog.
WordPress is an open-source program developed by hundreds of community volunteers, with the ability to support thousands of plug-ins and themes to change your site into anything.
WordPress began as a blogging system, but has now expanded into a comprehensive content management system and much more. With hundreds of plugins, widgets, and themes available, WordPress is only limited by your imagination.

It is quite simple to download and install a software script known as WordPress on a web page hosting package, but the web host must match the basic criteria and devote some time.
The services available on the WordPress official website allow you to get started with a new and free WordPress-based blog in minutes.

Now, let’s go through how to install WordPress themes:

1) First, download the theme on your computer. It would be a compressed (.zip) file.

2) Please extract the zip file containing the theme. By default, it will use the name of the extracted folder.
3) Now, upload the folder to “/home/username/public_html//wp- content/themes” (you may use the upload facility provided in the control panel or can use FTP)
4) Log in to WordPress and activate the theme from the administrator side.
4.1] Log in to the WordPress administration section at http://yourdomain.com/wordpressdirectory> /wp-admin/.
4.2] Go to Appearance >> Themes
4.3] Here you will see your newly uploaded theme listed under “Available Themes”
4.4] Click on “Activate to apply” The theme will get installed.

5) Now check the WordPress URL of your domain in a browser.
6) Now you will see under the appearance only you will get the Active theme, where you can update the settings for the theme.

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